Kingman’s Excellence in Academics Program KEAP is an umbrella for several programs geared towards certain grade levels and skills. This educational program contributes additional instrucation for its DC Public School students beyond the regular school program. The individual program areas: Reading, Arithmetic & Writing Skills (RAWS) The RAWS program focuses on improving skills in the core subject areas of reading, arithmetic, and writing, leading to a significant increase in students’ scholastic performance. Kingman’s Academic Strengthening Program (KASP) KASP ensures success thru strengthening the student’s existing knowledge in varous subject areas. Students in this program will have 8 hours of directed homework time and 4 hours of tutoring each week.


Kingman Boys and Girls Club offers childcare to children ages 5-12 years old. Kingman provides after-school care, daycare during vacation breaks, as well as Summer Camp. Kingman BGC provides transportation to and from the center on school days, as well as, to Educational & Athletic Field Trips, and Tours & Special Events. It is necessary to establish eligibility to qualify for the Day Care program. Placement to those groups identified as having priority are TANF recipients; working parents; children with disabilities; children who are new to the Child Protective Services and Foster Care systems. Daycare fees are based on income and family size.

For further information concerning eligibility contact Sharon Bibbs Intake/Specialist at (202) 483-1210.


The Kingman Boys and Girls Club provides organized team sports, clinics and camps in basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis and golf for boys and girls 6-16 years old in the Shaw/Cardozo area of Washington, D.C.


Kingman has a dynamic summer A.M./P.M. educational support program. In the mornings, fourth through seventh grade students rotate between math, technology, reading/language arts, life skills, and arts & crafts classes. After lunch, individual groups split up and go to their various afternoon activities. Monday through Thursday p.m. activities include swimming, educational trips, museums, outdoor activities. As always, we would like to thank the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) for providing us a way to help the youth of DC help themselves. Over the years, we have been able to host hundreds of youths ages 14 to 18.


The teen program of Kingman Boys a Girls Club seeks to give young adults ages 14-18 a safe, nurturing and enriching environment in which they can grow into responsible and productive adults. We aim to equip young people with the necessary tools needed to make good decisions for themselves and their communities. We provide life skills training on various subjects including communications skills, etiquette and conflict resolution. Most of the staff of the boys and girls club has been either employed or affiliated with the club for at least 5 years and provides consistent support to the teens that enables them to master the skills needed to be a productive adult.

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