The Kingman Teen program started in 2007 to provide services to young people whose age (over 12) made them ineligible for our after-school program. Many of the students wanted to stay involved with Kingman to volunteer, to see staff and to be a part of a community they had grown up in. An incentive to attend and stay involved is a modest monthly stipend for each participant. The teen program strives to give young people life skills they need to become happy and productive adults. We also focus on academic achievement by assisting them with schoolwork and hold them accountable for their performance in school.

About 20 young people participate in our program, and we meet Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The activities on Tuesday include life skills workshops on various topics such as study skills, nutrition, financial management, etiquette, and job readiness skills.  Thursday sessions focus on academic enrichment. Ms.Tiffany Ward and Mr. Wendall Hart, work with students to help build up their math and language arts skills. On Fridays, students do community service at Kingman by tutoring younger students and other administrative tasks..

In addition to the weekly curriculum, we expose students to a variety of exciting and educational experiences.  We made an excursion to Tuckahoe State Park in Maryland to conquer the challenge course. In Baltimore, we visited the Reginald Lewis museum of African American History and Culture. In New York City, we saw a performance of the Lion King on Broadway. Our goal is to introduce our teens to a wider world of experiences and culture. Over 200 teenagers have participated in our program over the years and most of them have graduated from high school and gone on to college or become gainfully employed.

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