Front row, left to right:  James Austin, Michael Hawkins, Sean Myers, Aaron C. Webster, Wendell Hart, Christopher Harden, Allen Richardson, Leon Waddy    Back row:  Karla Riley, Syndee Hall, Dayshawn Norris, Alisa Norris, Gayle Watson, Selena Brown, Tiana Lawrence, Sharon Bibbs, Keyanna Hymes, Adrian Norris

The quality of staff of Kingman Boys and Girls Club reflects the focus on education as the essential activity here. Knowing that education opens many doors, our teachers and their assistants represent the “keys” to success for the children. The excellent level of their academic credentials meets Kingman’s high standards. We pride ourselves on the variety and extent of degrees held by our employees. Among them are Bachelors of Arts in English, Elementary Education, and Secondary Education. Others have Bachelors of Science in: Special Education, Math, Technology, Social Science, and Recreation. Several teachers have Masters of Arts in Education, Administration and Reading. Other important qualifications include teachers with CDA licenses and more than 12 years experience in Early Childhood Development.


Key staff include:

Aaron “Cliff” Webster, is the Executive Director responsible for overall club operations. He has been affiliated with the Club for more than 40 years and is a well-known and respected leader in the community. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree and is experienced at managing multifaceted programs on a shoestring budget. His initiative in fundraising made is possible for Kingman to survive the “dry” years and to reinvent itself to meet emerging community needs.

Allen Richardson is the Education Director and a former member of Kingman Boys and Girls Club. A graduate of Spingarn Senior High School, he attended Lincoln University in Pennsylvania where he was a dual major in Early Childhood/Elementary Education. Allen is responsible for coordinating the educational programs at Kingman, servicing grades K-7. He is also employed with District of Columbia Public Schools Office of Specialized Instruction as an Instructional Specialist. Allen believes that his passion for education, high energy and creativity will continue to drive both his personal and professional growth.

Wendell Hart, a 1970 graduate of Boise State University, began his professional career serving as executive director of the Far East Y.M.C.A Outreach Program in Washington, D.C. For more than 30 years he has taught U.S. History in two Maryland schools, as well as, serving as a teacher for 5th and 6th grades at Malcolm X Elementary in D.C.. He currently serves as Kingman’s year-round Math Specialist, teaching remedial math to students in then 3rd through 8th grades, and to participants in the High Achieving Program (H.A.P).

Sharon Bibbs is the Administrative Assistant/Intake Coordinator. Ms. Bibbs has been with Kingman for over 25 years.  She is responsible for organizational management, including record keeping, troubleshooting, and daily administrative activities. As Intake Coordinator, she works directly with parents to provide resources, arrange workshops, and recertification of eligibility for childcare.

Chris Harden is the Athletic Director and a former member of Kingman Boys and Girls Club. After graduating from Dunbar Senior High School where he played football, he attended Lincoln University in Missouri. Chris works with the Executive Director, planning and implementing the athletic programs at Kingman.


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